Welcome at Sinnaeve Accounting & Consulting

What to expect?

Company car

Every employee can count on us for a company car with a fuel card.

Monthly teambuildings

Nothing is more important than the team. And that's what we make an effort to do. Snowboarding, kickboxing or yoga, everything is possible, everything is allowed.

Weekly greasy Friday

On Friday we treat with fries or a nice pizza. The choice is yours!


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Hire for attitude, train for skill.

Our DNA 🧬

Fun & Desire

Every day we strive to tackle things positively and ambitiously. We know no problems, only challenges and keep the motto "work hard, play hard". The whole team exudes enthusiasm and is willing to move bridges. We have love and passion for our job and for our people. In addition, it can be fun. Laughter is now healthy once.

Healthy culture

A fruit basket, assortment of tea, monthly team activities, delicious water fountain, ... This and much more can all be found in our healthy culture. ATTENTION: Occasionally a greasy Friday and a pint / cava on a Friday does not scare us.


The employees are the real strength of our company. They are central and ensure excellent customer satisfaction and a good vibe every day. A pat on the back and a sincere thank you to each of them is therefore in order.

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The provision of this personal data is therefore a necessary condition to complete the application process.

When collecting and processing your personal data, we always comply with the regulations on the protection of personal data as well as the General Data Protection Regulation ("AVG" or GDPR).

For more information on how we process your personal data, we would like to refer you to our privacy policy.

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